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We're a service-centric gear shop located in Lander, Wyoming. Our obsession with being active and having fun is focused on biking, nordic skiing, paddling, swimming, skating, and disc golf. We'd love to set you up for your next adventure, or have you by for a visit. We're located on the Trans-America bike route in Wyoming, and love to help touring cyclists get from A to B. Come see us today!


Cycling, Nordic Skiing, Paddling, Swimming, Skating, Disc golfing, Snow Shoeing



Named ONE OF AMERICA'S BesT BIKE SHOPS for 5 years running!

We are humbled and honored to be named as one of America's Best Bike Shops by the National Bike Dealers’ Association for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018. Thanks for your support in making this possible!

Our Staff

Our amazing staff makes all the difference. They are passionate, talented, and committed to helping you pursue your hobbies. (Not to mention good-looking!) Without these incredible individuals, we would not be able to do what we do. Read more about our amazing staff below:


Thomas "the bike guy" Pede

is the owner of Gannett Peak Sports. He has been working in bike shops for over thirteen years and has been a bike enthusiast since shortly after he was able to walk. He loves mountain biking and road biking, and has more recently fallen for cross country skiing. He has a dream job, an awesome crew (see below), and loves living the mountain lifestyle in Lander, Wyoming with his lovely wife, Samantha Pede (see below).


Mike Dicken

is settling in to the good life in Lander after an impressive 2016 racing season, which included racing the 2,712 miles of the Tour Divide in less than 22 days! 


Tim "the wizard" Walker

If you are suffering from Slow-ski-itis or Chronic Bike Disrepair, you want to see Dr. Tim (not a doctor). Besides riding bikes, he enjoys fly-fishing, hunting, disc golf, and about a billion other hobbies. He classes up the joint by riding his beautiful Surly Long Haul Trucker for his daily commute.


Judy "the bionic woman" Crawford

is a super cyclist and awesome person. The former professional racer puts her riding and medical experience to work as a Fit Technician (schedule a fit appointment with her today!). She also instructs many of our spin classes, where she can make you a stronger, safer, and more knowledgeable cyclist.


Mark "the mustache" Nunnink

This outspoken adventurer loves mountain biking and simply being on two wheels. Exploratory, before-sunrise mountain bike rides on disappearing game trails seem to be his favorite.


Kole “master of merchandise” Cox

is a master of many things but his expertise in the world of retail is unmatched. Kole is one of the friendly faces that will greet you each and every time you visit us.


Ed "shop troll" Paluch

Ed takes service to the next level. He helps out at the shop while enjoying the amazing summers Lander offers, and then gets the heck outta dodge before it gets cold. The rest of they year he's in NC or FL, or traveling around to legendary mountain bike trailsystems. He's responsible for the rest of us having an intimate knowledge of Rush. 

Marco Johnson

Marco is a multi-faceted man who works for NOLS by day as the Field Staffing Director and with us by weekend. He is a super outdoorsy guy who had a long running career that he's recently transitioned into biking in order to save his knees. He is also massively enjoyable to be around – come by and say hi on select Sundays! 


Samantha "the quiet rockstar" Pede

is our behind-the-scenes master-planner/branding/website-creating all-star. She loves hiking, camping, riding, skiing, and snowshoeing; and cruises all around Lander on her little light blue Specialized cruiser. If it wasn't for her, you'd be reading outdated information on our old website, rather than learning about these fine folks!