spin classes (Nov–April)

Our sessions include expert instruction, fun music, and educational information. You'll spin on your own bike, which allows you to gain extra insight and familiarity in a safe setting. When Spring arrives, you'll be able to take your new found skills and strength outside with confidence. Sign up for spin classes today!

Want to take your training to the next level? You’ll be able to use our state of the art Tacx Vortex trainers that allow you to pair your smartphone or Garmin device to see your power data.



  • Block 1 6-weeks, Nov 5-Dec 21, 2018 (Thanksgiving Week Off)

  • Block 2 6-weeks, Jan 7-Feb 15, 2019

  • Block 3 6 weeks, Feb 25-April 12, 2019 (FCSD #1 Spring Break Off)

Here’s the line up for coaches & times:

  • Mon                  6:00-7:00 PM       Coach Chuck Schuster      Intermediate

  • Tues                  6:00-7:00 PM       Coach Jen Lamb                Intermediate 

  •  Wed                 6:00-7:00 AM      Coach Chuck Schuster       Intermediate

  • Wed                  8:15-9:15 AM      Coach Jacki Klancher         Intermediate

  • Wed                  6:00-7:00 PM      Coach Judy Crawford          Beginner

  • Thur                  6:00-7:00 PM      Coach Mike Dicken             Advanced

  • Fri                     8:15-9:15 AM      Coach Jacki Klancher         Intermediate


To Sign up

  • Contact us by email at gannettpeaksports@gmail.com, by phone at (307) 332-2926, or in person at 351-B Main St. to reserve your spot!

  • Class sizes are limited to 15 people so reserve your spot ASAP



  • $60/six-week block

  • $160 for 3 blocks of 6 sessions (full season pass)

  • $300 for 2 full season classes (lock in this rate today!)

  • Drop-ins are available (if there's space!) for $15/class


Class Schedule

  •  Beginner Spin is an hour-long session geared towards newer riders seeking greater familiarity with their bikes, position on the bike, shifting gears, pedal-stroke and pedaling efficiency. We ride for the full hour and will progress toward a sustained 20-minute interval session. Beginner Spin is offered as a 6-week progressive block.

  •  Intermediate Spin is an hour-long session geared toward the more experienced rider, ready to apply their skills toward a 40-minute interval session. Intermediate Spin is offered as a block of 6 sessions.

  • Advanced Spin is an hour-long session for the experienced rider, ready to sweat and apply their skills toward a 45-minute difficult interval session. Advanced Spin is offered as a block of 6 sessions.


  • Make-ups are welcome - when room is available- to help you get your 6 classes in, if you happen to miss a regular scheduled class.

  • Drop-ins are available - if there's space! - for $15/class. 

  • Class dates and times are subject to change or cancellation if needed.


Format and equipment 

  • We're really excited to announce that we have all brand new cycle trainers that give you power data!

  • Riders bring their own bikes to mount on Gannett Peak Sports’ brand new Tacx Vortex smart trainers. If you are interested you can pair your smartphone or Garmin device to the trainer in order to see your power data. It is not a requirement to use this feature but it is a really cool addition we think you're going to love.Functional road or mountain bikes are acceptable (Have your bike serviced if it is not fully operational). It’s recommended that mountain bikes are outfitted with a tread-less (smooth) rear tire, road bikes should have an old or trainer specific rear tire. Bikes can be stored at GPS for the duration of the block. Wear cycling appropriate clothing (chamois shorts highly recommended). Bring a water bottle, headband and/or towel and a great attitude.