We provide service work for bikes & cross country skis! 

BICYCLE Tune-ups & repairs

Service work is a cornerstone of our business. We offer bike tunes and professional assemblies. 

  • Cost: $50 per hour and the average tune-up costs $20-$30. We provide FREE estimates.

  • Timeframe: Most bike tune-ups are completed in 1-3 days! Quicker, simpler projects (like flat repairs) are typically handled on-the-spot. If your tune-up requires parts that need to be ordered in, it'll add a few days to the turn-around time.

  • Scheduling: You can just roll your bike in the front doors! However, if you'd like to make an appointment, please do. If you drop your bike off before noon on the appointment date, we can generally provide same-day service. To schedule a tune-up or repair, please call or email us at (307) 332-2926 or stop in.

  • Frequency of tune-ups: We recommend doing annual tune-ups as well as swinging by when issues arise! When you purchase a new bike from us, we recommend you come back after the first month to ensure all is well.

  • Emergency & on-the-spot service: We provide special on-the-spot service for Trans-Am cyclists to help you quickly get on your way! Not a trans-am cyclist, but need an emergency fix before a bike race/special event? Give us a call to set up special service: (307) 332-2926.

Bike Fitting

Cost: $50 per hour and a standard bike fits costs $35-50. 

Reasons to get a fit:

  1. increase your efficiency

  2. enhance your performance

  3. ride in greater comfort

  4. reduce your chance of injury

To schedule a fit, please call or email us at (307) 332-2926 / gannettpeaksports@gmail.com

Ski Work 

We offer waxing, edges, mounting, and repair for all brands of skis. 


  • Nordic Ski Wax: $15

    • +$20 for flourinated wax

  • Alpine Ski Wax: $20

  • Snowboard Wax: $30

  • Mounting Nordic Ski Bindings: $10

  • Mounting Tele Ski Bindings: $20

  • Edge Sharpening: $10

  • Base Repairs: $50/hr