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Lander Area Information

Enjoy Lander's bounty of great recreation areas!

Whether you're after mountain biking, road riding, gravel adventures, dirt jumping, nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, or cruising around a skate park, the Lander area has some great options for your next ride!

*See the "Resources" section at the bottom of this page for helpful links.

Nordic Ski Lessons

The Lander Nordic Ski Association now has a permit to teach at Beaver Creek! They are offering the following adult group lessons. 

If these dates/times/class focus don't work for you, we can also try to pair you with a coach for a private lesson. Reach out with possible dates/times and goals for class


Molly Herber is an accomplished Nordic skier who loves introducing folks to the lifelong sport of cross-country skiing. Molly has been teaching beginner and intermediate level classic and skate skiing with LNSA since 2015. She learned to ski with her high school team in Minnesota. She's offering two different lessons blocks, each with 2 classes.

  • Introduction to Skate Skiing— two-part class Jan 30 (Sat) 11:00-12:30 & Feb 7 (Sun) 11-12:30

    LNSA Member $60 | Non-Members $80 
    First class topics: gliding herringbone and basic V1 skate technique, focusing on building balance and weight transfer. Second class: expand on V1 and introduce basic hill climbing and descending techniques.

  • Introduction to Classic Skiing— two-part class Feb 13 (Sat) 11:00-12:30 & Feb 20 (Sat) 12:30-2:00

    LNSA Member $60 | Non-Members $85 
    Classic skiing is a very approachable Nordic ski technique. If you can walk, you can classic ski. The first class will address diagonal stride, as well as an introduction to kick wax for those with waxable skis. The second class will introduce basic hill-climbing and descending techniques.

Missy White is offering a variety of "stand alone" ski lessons, not a block or series. She's determined to change the mentality that people think they can't manage the terrain at Beaver Creek. She's been a Nordic ski team coach for LMS Nordic several years, and has taught skiing for CWC and LNSA as well. Seeing people out skiing, especially being active with friends and family, puts a smile on her face.

  • Intermediate Skate Skiing— Feb 7 (Sun) 12:00-1:30 | Feb 14 (Sun) 12:00-1:30 | Feb 20 (Sat) 12:30-2:00

    LNSA Member $30 | Non-Members $40
    For those who know V1 and can use it with relative ease on flat or slightly inclined terrain.This class will focus on gaining efficiency and ease on more challenging terrain, and may introduce V2 and V2 alternate.

  • Intro to Classic Skiing Feb 7— (Sun) 1:45-3:15 | Feb 14 (Sun) 12:00-1:30

    LNSA Member $30 | Non-Members $40
    This is intended for those with limited or no prior skiing experience. The focus will be on learning to get comfortable on skis. For some, this may be touring (walking on skis with modest glide). For others, this will include as much of diagonal stride as participants are comfortable learning. Simple downhill skills will also be covered.

Local Mountain Bike Trail Systems

Overview Map:

  •   Johnny Behind the Rocks - A mountain biking playground, about 15 miles south of Lander, WY. Thanks to the Lander Cycling Club & BLM, these trails are well-built, well-signed, and well worth a visit. Climbing through the red and green high-desert singletrack rewards you with great views and smooth descents. A great choice for early season riding when everywhere else is muddy.

  • The BusThe closest trail system to Lander, and another great early-season riding choice as it is one of the first places to dry out each spring. Be sure to check out the Cactus Patch Downhill and play around on the slickrock.

  • Sinks CanyonThese alpine, forested trails are a great option to get out of the sun and heat or to supplement our high desert riding found at the trail systems above. Lander Cycling Club, in partnership with the USFS, completed the Brewer's trail over the course of the last few seasons, which meanders up & across the shady side of Sinks Canyon all the way up to Fossil Hill and then further on to Worthen Reservoir. Thanks to the efforts by the Lander Cycling Club we are now able to ride fatbikes on these trails that are groomed during the winter.

*See the "Resources" section below for some helpful links.

Annual Lander Bike Events

Annual Lander Events

Regional Bike Events

Ride Safe

Shop rides and cycling events require a helmet. Not to mention, it's just smart to always wear one when you ride. We have a great selection of helmets to fit different heads and riding styles. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.


  • Joe McGowan Memorial Skatepark @ North Side Park - 830 Jefferson St, Lander, WY 82520


    • Maps — We recommend using Trailforks for accessing great maps of each trail system.
    • Trail Beta — Give us a call at 307.332.2926 for recommendations or conditions and look for the "Lander Trail Conditions" page on Facebook.
    • Trail Stewardship — To find out more or to be added to the mailing list for the Lander Cycling Club, please contact
    • Nordic Ski Stewardship — For-up-to-date information on snow conditions, ways to get involved and local ski events look into the Lander Nordic Ski Association.
    • Backcountry Shuttle — Whether planning to hike the Wind River High Route, traveling to Lander for a conference or simply shuttling your mountain biking friends down Brewers, we have a great local service called Wind River Shuttle.
    • Togwotee Pass Avalanche Conditions — Consider taking an avalanche safety training course through us, (in partnership with NOLS), or AAA, and always know the conditions before you go.